Designed for high seismic areas, the Octagon prides itself in offering its potential inhabitants with first rate safety, security features and top notch living innovations for the future.

2400 tons of iron rods
60000 m of concrete

1400 tons of iron rods were needed for its foundation to comply with the gigantic project. Over 60,000 cubic meters of concrete were poured over 10 000 tons of imported high tension iron rods.

Why we are
the best


15 elevators demonstrate the immense positive impact on The Octagon occupants: 12 of which are high speed elevators (2.5 meters per second) 1350 kilograms per unit for the main elevators with large cabins designed with high ceiling and accessories. The remaining 3 are service elevators (1.5 meters per second) with large cabins for furniture and building materials


A clearly marked flat surface on the highest roof of The Octagon where a helicopter can land safely making your office access fast and easy.

Trendy Offices

  • 35000 square meters of office space are spread over 4 blocks and 10 floors of the Octagon. The smallest unit available is 85 square meters fully fitted with 2 large offices, a waiting area, a reception, 2 bathrooms, kitchenette and a storage space.
  • Many other office sizes are available and displayed ranging from 105 up to 200 sqm for an entire floor..

Luxury Finishing

Imagine the Octagon with all its state of the art aspects

  • High quality doors from Bertolotto in Italy
  • Doors accessories: UNION –South Africa.
  • Gipson and false ceiling: water proof from Knauf in German.
  • Tiles: First choice from Florim, Refin and Lea Ceramiche, all from Italy.
  • Bathrooms fixtures: Duravit Germany and Duravit Egypt.
  • Paint: All paint works for the Octagon common areas from Inesfly to protect the building from insects and termites.
  • Elevators: top of the line Mitsubishi elevators from Mitsulift Ghana.

The Facade

Its outside uniqueness is the result of

  • 10 100 square meters Italian Quarella reconstituted marble placed on the Octagon façade.
  • Marble slabs of 2,5 cm thick in 2.4 by 1.2 meters. The slabs were cut to size in Ghana by marble specialized team for outdoor fixing; the marble was mechanically installed piece by piece.
  • Manufactured in Ghana, the glass of the façade is all framed with PVC. Interplast factory executed a fantastic job with its completely sealed greyPVC (system) which ensures total sound absorption and adequate temperature conservation.
  • The Octagon glowing & fragrant garden is the center of the project, with its 3000 square meters of Green patches, connecting all Blocks; the lush garden brings the whole project together thus creating a pleasant & wonderful environment for tenants to connect from a block to another or simply go for a stroll.
  • The Gallery on the ground floor connects the shops and the main entrances.
  • The shops façades are made of 12mm tempered glass fixed with imported spider system.