“Woforo dua pa a na yepia wo” is what literally translates from Akan to mean ‘its when you climb a good tree that you are pushed or lauded’.We at Dream Realty set our eyes on a good cause and the Ghanaian society has indeed commended us.

Being a development company based in Ghana with a hallmark of quality and dedication, our dreams of becoming an urban city specialist would not have been realized without tremendous help from city authorities and the AMA. Acquiring an ideal location such as we have now took a lot of efforts to even relocate the market that had settled at the time to a different location. The authorities and
market representatives, having trust in our ambition of bringing engineering vision into reality and opening up Ghana to the outside world in terms of infrastructure and real estate development, the least we can do is give back to the society that accommodates us!

As part of our corporate social responsibility, dream realty has built a brand new structure for the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, a new Accra City Hall! We saw the need for a city like Accra to have an elegant structure as the new Accra city hall to befit it’s name and status. The facility, located at Accra central opposite, Tema station,is over 4000 square metre and fully furnished with state of the art furniture imported from Europe. The interior of the building will welcome you to 3 floors of offices, a 300 seater amphitheatre, a library and over 200 car parking space. On an extra acre of land is an independent canteen and a beautifully planted and irrigated garden by In Green, accessible on​ ​​ . All these are fully fenced and gated on about 2 acres of land.


In addition to the stylish city hall, Dream Realty is currently sponsoring the education of 10 students of the Kimbu SHS every year for the next 10 years. We also built 6 bungalows for the teachers of the Kimbu school. We must say we are happy about the collaboration and relationship we have with the AMA and we are proud of the projects we have been able to undertake for the community. We believe they will be found useful and benefit many stakeholders in the municipality.