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2008 - Dream birthed, Acquisition of land
2011 - Start of excavation process
January 2012 - First concrete pouring

Purchase of land
and challenges faced

The year was 2008 when the dream blossomed in essentials as Dream Realty managed to acquire the land. The stakes were high and the challenges defiant. The Octagon would be situated at the roundabout of Accra Central station, across the street from Tema Station, where Independence Avenue meets with Barnes Road. This ideal location lured so many and so much that over the years a huge local market had settled in gathering traders and visitors from all walks of life. Grueling efforts were exerted and intense negotiations were held alongside the undeniable help from the city authorities, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly(AMA) and the market representatives, to have the market relocated to a new place. Dream Realty indulged into fitting and shaping the new market location to welcome traders and businesses with the highest level of market services.

The year 2011 marked the start of the 10 meter deep excavation process which proved relatively easy up until the last few hard stop meters but they were overcome.
First Phase: January 2012 witnessed the first concrete pouring into the foundation which signaled the fresh start of The Octagon.
The concrete works were carried out in 3 stages:

  • 1. The foundations, the 2 basements and the 4 upper floors namely a parking and retail area.
  • 2. Blocks A, B and C partially treated
  • 3. Blocks D, E and the remaining of Block C.The project excavation was first confronted by an important seepage leak. Experts were brought in as well as specific material from the USA to obstruct and tank the entire platform prior to starting the foundation works